About Us

About Us

The necessity & need of pure, organic, natural & complete nutrient level food is the primary requirement and best opportunity to serve humanity.

Indian agricultural trade along with robust economic growth has helped the agro sector with a number of trade opportunities in its offering, importantly contributing to India’s growth story.

We have our own farms in the North of India where we cultivate and empower the local community through engagement education & employment. Our relationship with farmers in the region is based on mutual respect, trust and dignity. We also work with hundreds of organic farmers and farmer groups and youth across the region to bring to you these wonderful high-quality products. We have been working with our farmers for over years to build a strong trust and mutually beneficial relationship.

We take the initiative of making the earth greener and safer and free of chemicals and adulteration

Why GangaGreens and Grains

Since time immemorial, the best of the food grains have been cultivated at the foot of River Ganga in India. The Gangetic region is one of the most fertile agricultural lands on the planet.

The divine river unprecedented quality of giving entirely to the Society, acts as a fundamental thread to our company’s vision & cultural ethos. This generous aspect encourages us to engage & contribute to the community selflessly. We also take the initiative of making the earth greener, safer and use ingredients and material which are free of chemicals and adulteration. The organic food offered from our farms are gluten-free and safe for human consumption. We are a one stop organic food producing & processing company. We target to keep robust supply chain from farmer to customer creating sustainable solutions. In letter & spirit, we are truly a Farm to Fork Company.

We are working with accredited organic growers and groups of farmers who are not using any chemical pesticides, fertilizers and genetically modified seeds. We therefore, are committed to the prosperity of health & well-being by offering a variety of 100% organic, authentic, certified and reliable food products with complete customer satisfaction, health benefits & value proposition.

We have our in-house team to select the best farms following the best agriculture practices and ensure we choose the right partners in capabilities, delivering an unbeatable customer experience, matching inventory goals, demand forecasting, revolutionizing supply chain and always improvising our quality standards.


Our vision is to attain a reputable and trustworthy position through Quality, Reliability, Faith and Efficiency.


Our promise is to delight our customers with great quality products at most reasonable price. Delivering solutions for sustainable farming, food safety, quality management through best farming practices and process implementation.

Core Values

Honesty and Integrity: Doing what is right. We will do the right thing transparently— “practicing what we preach”.

Quality Policy

‘Earth is what we all have in common ‘and we try our best to save our planet.
The words are especially true in these modern times when nature is put to test and it becomes our collective responsibility to nurture our farmlands and preserve best practices.

Our People

With a name inspired by the timeless and sacred (River) Ganga in India, we celebrate the pure, organic and chemical-free farming techniques prevalent for hundreds of years.