Gobind Bhog Rice

It is also known as JEERA RICE & CHOTI BASMATI in local nomenclature within some parts of the country. GangaGreens and Grains processed Gobind Bhog rice is sourced from premium quality of paddy widely grown in highly fertile fields located in the northern region. This region also produces the best quality of Gobind Bhog rice which is free from chemicals and pesticide & is sown, harvested in a conventional way.

Also known as the “FOOD OF GODS” Gobind Bhog as a first would be used for offering "BHOG" to Ram Lalla Virajaman idol in Ayodhya. This short grain, white, aromatic and sticky rice has a sweet buttery flavor and has high health benefits and are broadly used in various types of cuisines across the globe.

• It is also called as “Premium Aromatic Rice” or Khaas Dhan (Special Grain) and is the chosen offering for Lord Krishna on Janmashtami

• Widely used for special occasions, celebrations, festivals & religious ceremonies

• It is a universally accepted rice for food lovers as it can be used on a daily basis for preparation of various recipes across the Indian region

• It reduces body heat and also cures nervous disorder

• Easy to cook, delicious taste, rich in vitamins with a high caloric value

• Ideal for daily use, this fragrant rice can be used for making khichri, pulao, biryani, lemon rice, tamarind rice, tomato rice, kheer or fluffy plain rice

SonaMasoori Rice

SonaMasoori rice is a medium-grain white rice, mostly grown in the areas of north, east & south of India, however because of minerals, nutrients, and vitamins it is consumed across the country and is even exported. It is ideal for everyday cooking as it contains less calories and low starch properties. It is ideal for those who are trying to shed some kilos. The slightly sweet aroma adds to the authentic taste to your food.

• Untainted appearance and delectable taste

• Strongly aromatic cooked and uncooked rice

• Soft and non-sticky rice with good digestible qualities

• Famous for palatability and beaten rice making qualities


Arhar / Toor Dal

This Pulses is healthy, nutritious and easy to cook with. It is made up of about 20-25 percent of protein by weight, which is double the protein content of wheat and triple that of rice.

Studies have shown that people who eat at least ½ cup of pulses per day have higher intakes of fiber, protein, calcium, potassium, zinc, iron and magnesium as well as lower intakes of total saturated fat.

They’re low in fat, extremely nutrient-dense, and generally pretty affordable to buy (always a plus when you’re in between paychecks) & they pack in a lot of health benefits including:

• Promotes weight loss

• Boosts digestive health

• Rich source of dietary fibre

• Good for digestive system

• Rich in fibre

• Decrease chances of bloating and constipation

Masoor Dal

This variety of pulse is good for the body because it reduces cholesterol, prevent heart disease and contribute to healthy bones and teeth. This pulses is healthy, nutritious and easy to cook.

Always in demand, they’re low in fat, extremely nutrient-dense and generally pretty affordable too. It is high in dietary fiber, a good source of potassium, vitamin C and folate and is cholesterol free. Due to their high-fiber content, it also helps prevent constipation and promotes a healthy digestive tract.

• Good source of folic acid

• Best For bone strength

• High in protein

• Full of fiber

Flax Seeds / Alsi

Flax Seeds contain Omega 3 fatty acids that disrupt the growth of cancer cells. Furthermore, it helps in reducing cholesterol, blood pressure and helps protect against radiation. Consuming ground flaxseeds enables the body to absorb the nutrients more effectively.

• Flax seeds are loaded with nutrients

• Flax seeds are high in Omega-3 Fats

• Flax seeds reduce cancer risk

• Flax seeds are rich in dietary fiber

• Flax seeds may improve cholesterol

• Flax seeds may lower blood pressure

• They contain high-quality protein

Sattu (Grinded Grams) / India’s Oldest Instant Food

Sattu or gram flour, an underrated ancient Indian super food, can improve your digestion, increase metabolism, aid weight loss and offer many health benefits.

"Eat it or Drink it, Sour or Sweet it will Energize you and keep you going"

• For thousands of years, it has been the staple food for warriors and monks alike who had to go without proper food for a long time because they were either guarding the monastery or walking treacherous pathways. Sattu’s nourishing quality, travel friendly convenience that eventually made it a favorite food item for monks, messengers and soldiers who would carry out impossible travel missions. Sattu is versatile in nature and can be used to make a variety of dishes - both cooked and uncooked with incredible deliciousness

• Sattu, or gram flour, is a versatile Indian food that has been part of the diet in several parts of the country such as Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal. The flour, which is a mixture of ground pulses and cereals, is loaded with protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients that can improve health in numerous ways. This nutrient-dense underestimated Indian superfood can improve your digestion, increase metabolism, aid weight loss and offer many health benefits

• Sattu sherbet or sattu drink is a great refreshing summer cooling drink to quench thirst and keep the body hydrated. During winters, sattu can be added to a variety of recipes such as litti, laddoo, stuffing in paranthas etc

• From wrestling akhadas, to desi gymnasiums everywhere a glass of sattu and water is a must after a heavy workout. And why not? Sattu is about 20% protein by weight, and contains calcium, iron, manganese and magnesium—all essentials in tissue repair after a straining workout

• Sattu is one of the highest source of veg protein & easily absorbed by the body

Our Product Range

Empowering and promoting “Vocal for Local” we grow, process and market a range of branded packaged foods to consumers across multiple markets riding on the potential of “Make In India”.

India is poised to be the fastest growing country for organic food products & consumer products over the next few decades. Our in-depth understanding of the farming process, food products with our Sales & Distribution network has helped us establish a strong packaged food portfolio in the country.

Our Packaging

The packaging of each variant differs according to its weight or type of material. For Rice and Pulses, the Packaging is available in 1kg & 5kg variant. A customized option is also available based on specific requirements with bulk orders.

The delivery for 1kg up to 5kgs of food grains is readily available. Anything exceeding 5kgs and upwards will require 30 days from the date of order placed.

All of the products are complied to Indian food norms a long with major importing countries, precisely licensed under FSSAI, FDA & USDA.

"The products are 100% organic and each of it is lab tested for quality assurance"

Our Promise

Moisture content for each product is as per Statutory Norms and Lab certified.

Protein & Fat percentage content varies produce to produce and can be provided on request.

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